Thursday, March 6, 2014

Game Review - Forza 5

Since picking up my Xbox One almost two weeks ago, I have only purchased one game.  Forza 5 is the one I decided on, I've owned every other Forza so I figured why not.  I normally play for a while and then get frustrated and quit.  I've probably played this one the most of all of them in a much shorter period of time.  I'm hooked on it, it's really a lot of fun and the graphics are amazing.  It's the first time I've actually used the view from the driver's seat and stuck to it, this makes it a lot more fun.  I normally go out to the third "person" type view so you can see the whole car, maybe that's why I always sucked.  I'm a lot better from the inside the cockpit view.  I just wish it was easier/cheaper to get new cars.  I just want to try them all and that will take a very long time, unless you want to buy them with real money, which I refuse to do.  After watching the movie Rush, I really wanted James Hunt's car from the movie, but in real world money it would cost $20 to get it.  Or I save up in game currency for a real long time, either way I don't have the car.  I just want to try it.

I really love the BBC Top Gear integration as well.  It's fun to hear Jeremy Clarkson getting excited about the cars while explaining why it's in which class.  It got me excited enough to track down some BBC Top Gear episodes to watch, luckily there are like 17 seasons to choose from on Netflix.

The sound in the game is amazing, I hauled up my huge speakers from the basement.  GurleeGirrl isn't super happy with this, but it's really fun to crank it up and listen to all the different cars while you are racing.  It really adds to the experience.

I haven't played any races online yet, I want to get pretty good before I get my butt kicked in some multi-player, but I am looking forward to it.

I have many more hours to put into Forza 5 and I'm looking forward to them.  The cars control great, the tracks are fun, the driveatars put a different twist on it and challenging your friends is also fun.  I like to see that I'm beating my friends' times on my Friendslist.  If you are playing Forza 5, add me so we can compare times.  I'm G Tuck on Xbox Live.

I will give Forza 5 a 9 out of 10.

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