Wednesday, December 11, 2013


 Microtransactions have been a hot topic in video games the past few weeks, even more so than ever. Free to play games have their place, but when gamers are buying a $60 and then almost being forced to then spend extra money on microtransactions is enough to make gamers go crazy. Problem is, they are spending the money. Game companies will continue to nickel and dime us if we spend the money to rank up faster. I had never spent money on a microtransaction before, but I did last week. I spent $9.99 for a chunk of Virtual Currency (VC) on NBA 2K14 for the PS4. I wanted to advance my character in My Career better, faster. I was hoodwinked, and now I am embarrassed that I did it. I could have earned VC the old fashioned way of grinding through the game, but it was just so easy to spend $10 to make my player better now to earn more playing time.

How could I not spend an extra $10 to make my awesome looking character a little better? I have been using the app now that I actually got it to login, and you can earn some extra VC that way by signing in every day. Scored a quick 1250 VC today, which was nice. I do really love NBA 2K14, but I wish it was easier to earn VC. The main problem is that when you spend VC, it’s from a universal pot. What that means is if you are playing My Career or My GM you have to spend VC to play either mode. You would need a lot to play both modes, so you kind of have to concentrate on one or the other. For the My GM mode you actually have to spend VC to do simple things like changing the lineup.

Microtransactions have also been a hot issue in Forza 5.  I haven't played that game yet, but it's all over Reddit and NeoGAF.  When a car used to cost about $2 to unlock in Forza 4, now costs around $100 to unlock, gamers will go crazy.  I guess it's still possible to grind it out and make in game currency, but if you want to drive the best cars right away, it's really going to cost you some real world money.  Plus, who wants to drive a Ford Focus for a month grinding out currency instead of driving a Dodge Challenger SRT8 right away for a couple of bucks.  Now if it's $60 to unlock a Challenger, I wouldn't ever do it.

I did however almost spend money on a microtransaction in Madden 25, but I talked myself out of it. I was playing around in Madden Ultimate Team and almost purchased some cards with real money.  I may still do it, but I really should grind for awhile since there are a lot of challenges to play.  I recently played an opponent online and they had Vince Lombardi as there coach. I want Vince Lombardi on my sideline, it looked awesome.

What do you think about microtransactions?  Do you ever make in game purchases?  Are they ever going to go away?

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