Thursday, December 19, 2013

Forbes Highest Grossing Actor List

Forbes has put out their list of the highest grossing actors of 2013.  The top ten from the list in order:

Dwayne Johnson       $1.3 billion, mostly from Fast & Furious 6,  but also Pain & Gain and whatever the G.I. Joe movie was called.  

Robert Downey, Jr.   $1.2 billion, from only Iron Man 3.

Steve Carell              $964 million, Despicable Me 2 was his big hit this year, although The Way Way Back was a great movie my opinion.

Vin Diesel                 $887 million, also Fast & Furious 6 and Riddick, although 99% of it is from Fast and the Furious 6.  Don't quote me on that math, I made it up.  It has to be close though.

Sandra Bullock         $862 million, first woman on the list.  Mostly from Gravity.

Paul Walker              $789 million, you guessed it Fast & Furious 6.

Billy Crystal               $743 million, Monsters University made a ton of money.

John Goodman           $743 million, same as Billy Crystal.

Chris Hemsworth        $701 million, Thor made some cash.  He was also in Rush, but I don’t think that made a lot of money.

Jennifer Lawrence       $700 million, those Hunger Games movies do quite well

There you have it, the only thing on the list that was new was Gravity, everything else was a sequel or a prequel.  I guess people like to see something familiar and new at the same time nowadays.  I’m guilty of it, I love the Fast & Furious movies, and I will go see them every time they are in the theater.  I know they are stupid, but I still enjoy them.  What do you think about this list?  Do you really love sequels?  These numbers are worldwide box office numbers by the way, so it’s just not in the United States. Fast & Furious does well everywhere apparently.

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